Wednesday , May 5 2021

Hermes Soto said the carabiner had lost the memory card through the national bathroom

During this Monday, General Director of Karabineros Hermes Soto, is present in Senate Human Rights Commission, where he gave more details about the procedure carried out in Ercilla and ended with the death of Mapuche comunero, Camilo Catrillanca.

In his statement he gave a new attempt to what happened to the memory card that was in the Go Pro camera.

"When an administrative statement is made to the sergeant who participates in these events, he points to the Prosecutor's Office, who is Procurator of the Temuco Prosecutor's Office (Colonel of Karabineros) who held the card in his possession and broke it later and pulled her out of the bathroom I did not know from his house "– he said.

Sato also clarified that after learning that Katrilanka was injured, everything was possible to prevent his death.

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