Monday , June 14 2021

Herrera and tension in La Roya: "We need to iron out rudeness when it's called Claudio, we can talk"

With the Copa América 2019 withdrawal, held this Thursday in Rio de Janeiro, The Chilean team met with their rivals for the tournament of selections, where he will look for the trick. And if you already know your opponents in the group stage where you will face Uruguay, Ecuador and Japan, now on Big doubt is to know which players will or will not be on the Red list who will travel to Brazil.

That is, although there is a solid foundation, the questions come with players who, despite their long career, are not quoted by Reynaldo Rueda for various reasons. One of them is Claudio Bravo, who after the dispute, which was generated after not qualifying Russia 2018, came out of the first friendly meeting where the Colombian was at the head and since then has not been summoned. Now, with of the Achilles tendon that hit him last year, his presence in Copa America is still in doubteither because of the alleged interruption in the team or because of physical inconveniences that keep him away from the courts.

In this situation, the. T tension that exists in the dressing roomJohnny Everra spoke his voice and said in a conversation with Radio Cooperative:I think everything is solved with good conversation, we are adults and familyWe all have problems in our families and we have solved it through speaking. This team, which was very successful, may need I have a conversation behind closed doors among the participants in the supposed conflict. You have to apply rough edges After the technician calls Claudio, you can talk, but this depends on the coach. "

"I was not called in the national team because I was a mess (in the era of Claudio Borgi) and they told me in the Red"We are all adults and everything can be decided," he added in the Al Aire Libre program.

In addition, to Copa America's challenge, the Chilean University captain and Reds goalkeeper said that "Chile arrives on a good foot. Beyond the fact that players do not go through big moments, we know that everything changes when they put on the shirt of the national team. We hope to let the coach (Reinaldo Rueda) work and with the results at the Copa América table he will be able to criticize. "

Finally, Johnny Errera analyzed group C rivals:We all know what Japan means, and Ecuador knows the quality of the players it has. I hope that Chile gives the surprise and achieves the three-carpet. "

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