Thursday , January 28 2021

"Hidden Singer": Pamela Diaz showed the talent to sing her daughter TV and show

Pamela Diaz adds over 1.2 million followers to Instagram and this is where her fans can follow their insanity every day,

And the fact is that the Chilean animator is characterized by his good sense of humor and sharing even the most everyday moments with his beloved "people", so it is not strange to find records of his everyday work with friends and, of course, his family.

In this context, this weekend la fuera shared a video in which she was driving alongside her eldest daughter, Trinidad, born as a result of her long relationship with Manuel Neira, like his brother Matthew.

In fact, the teen has recently turned 17 and his father has devoted some emotional words to him through the same social network.

Although it is known that the young woman does not like TV and therefore avoids appearing on the camera, this time her mother shows Trinidad's obvious talent but without showing her face.

In the album, shared by Diaz, she says she likes a song while she starts playing in the background Valerie from Amy WinehouseJust when he starts to sing, he can listen to Trinidad's voice, which is very tuned and compatible with the subject.

And although Pamela tried to show her several times by calling her name, the girl covered her face with her hair and the girl The night is ours He only managed to laugh.

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