Sunday , May 16 2021

Hockey grass: Chile is the champion

The Chilean Sub 25 chose 1: 0 by Anino and was a crowned champion of the men's hockey tournament.

"It was a very good experience for us, we did a lot of good matches and some not so much, but it is important to join a high level and a competitive event like Mendoza. At the end, Andino in the second stage clenched, but we knew how to manage and win the match, "said Chile coach Jorge Dabanch.

In the men's calendar there is only the great annual finale between them Visalbala and German Champions of previous races this season. It would be triangular if Anino won yesterday but Asul finished second and Chile will not play. Although the regulation states that they only play champions by reducing the red, they should not take their place in Andy?

During the first two quarters between Red and blue was rather the team of Dabanc, who opened the account, from the stick Bechera and Chile but Mendoza's portico had a gatekeeper called Juan Pablo Macola, he was safe and drowned a few red crying shouts. In addition, the Eternal improved, but Chile defended the short well and the goalkeeper cut off everything thrown by the blue sticks

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