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Hong Kong air hostesses fight for sexual harassment on flights – international

Airlines still maintain an impeccable image of their flight attendants, but in Hong Kong, they are getting more and more indifferent to the denunciations of the sexist air sector, undermined by sexual harassment and very delayed in the waves of #MeToo.

Many flights, questioned by AFP, mention the cases of harassment by passengers and colleagues, while hierarchical superiors and airlines tend to avoid the problem.

29-year-old Venus Fung, president of the Hong Kong cabin headquarters, is conducting campaigns for airlines to offer trainings so leftists learn how to cope better with bullying.

This young woman, based in Hong Kong and hired by a European company, says that Two years ago, the pilot touched his chest, waist and back, making comments on his physique.

"I was very angry but above all I panicked, I was afraid my brain stopped working, I did not know how to react" account.

The cabin manager, who witnessed the scene, did not intervene and simply said she would report on the stewardess's skirt, which is "very tight," recalls Feng, who only wore trousers for a year.

Bikini hosts

Although he is trying to train his colleagues how to report harassment or ask for help, he says the problem will not be solved without a profound change in mentality in a very conservative society.

"There are many fantasies about this profession and it's hard to change perceptions, but it can not be an excuse for bad behavior"he explains.

The airline, whose name did not want to be revealed, did not respond to the demands of the AFP interview.

Last year, the US Staff Officers' Association asked the country's airline leaders to "reject the old habit" to consider "staffing items on board."

On the other hand, Vietnamese low cost Vietjet company was known for bikini hostesses in some of its first flights, and each year it publishes a calendar of bare models presenting on planes.

The company owned by the only billionaire in Vietnam, she was forced to apologize in January for sending light models of clothing to the U-23 national football team.

Many hosts believe that companies' norms for their performances are archaic.

The Stewardes of Hong Kong Cathay Pacific Company they have to wear eye shadow, lipstick and nail polish of certain concrete tones and regularly check them according to the official manual.

on stewardesses they also have their own rules: they have no right to wear makeup, but "They should always have a clear tan".

In March, Cathay announced that at the next renewal of uniforms, This will allow air hostesses to wear trousers, ending the 70-year mandatory sex.


Dora Lai, cabinet manager and head of the Cathay Union, regrets that many ads use females to promote the airline's alleged "sexual appeal" instead of highlighting the professional skills of flight assistants.

but "We are here to provide a service, let Passengers safely move from point A to point B", he says.

Although in March, online training for all employees of the Cathay Catalog, with a section on sexual harassment, began to pity their allies regretting that some bosses still do not support hostesses who report bad behavior.

Cathy's stepmother told AFP, provided she was anonymous that her boss was unwilling to cure a passenger who stroked his head several times, which was "humiliation" for her.

"I was sad, angry, I was the first affected, not just a witness, after I told my boss, he did not support me."he admits.

The Hong Kong airline, asked by AFP, said it provided training to all employees on "preventing and eliminating discrimination and harassment at work."

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