Saturday , December 5 2020

Horror of actor Luis Gneco against Alberto Plaza for his controversial statements

"Mate Mate Professional" among other epithets Gnecco launched before the singer's claims against Daniela Vega, homosexuality and transsexuality.

Alberto Plaza has faced 12 TV's Llegó tu Hora's representatives after several days ago he stubbornly relied on transsexuality.

In the space in which Gonzalo Ramirez leads, he said, among other things, he would choose Jose Antonio Castro during possible future presidential elections.

In addition, Marcela Vacaresa asked the artist about his position on abortion and a specific cause – the one of rape. All this because of the speeches he gave to various media when he said they should have doubts about the testimonies of women who are victims of rape. "It could happen that a woman said she was raped and that she was not," she said, adding that the woman should be forced to give birth even if she is abused by the paternal image. Alberto explained and explained that his position would always be to protect an independent life from what happened to the mother.

The representative of the Provincial Council and LGBT activist Jaime Parada, who asked him about his recent statements on Twitter, said that the homosexuals were unusual and that children should not talk about homosexuality. He defended himself by saying that he respects all sexual orientations, but if his daughter says she does not feel good in her body, he'll help Scientology get out of this sexual confusion.

The notes of the singer and composer echoed actor Luis Gneko, who used his account at Instagram to give him some words, especially after an interview with Radio Cooperative that Daniela Vega "is perceived as a woman and can not force me to have the same perception I will perceive what I see, not what I see, I see a man playing the role of a woman.

– Professional killer. All his songs are the same as the jungle he made from Pizza Nostra. Cientologista del Mapocho ", writes former Channel 13 actor.

Source and text: Dynamo

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