Friday , July 30 2021

Huracán: Former intelligence chief Carabineros returns to preventive detention

Tumuko's verbal court ordered Preventative detention for former Carabineros Gonzalo Blu intelligence chief, on the responsibility that former uniforms would have in signing the fake documents investigated within the framework of the. t Operation Hurray,

The documents in question they were used to make fake calculations in different cases, in the opinion of the Ministry of Public Administration.

In this case fiscal Carlos Palma He explained that "although it is true for some reason, by majority, the precautionary measure has been changed to full house arrest, today the court has rearranged in terms of the protected legal right and the need for prudence, the precaution, which we believe is the only one that provides society, which is a pre-emptive retention. "

The former general will comply with the precautionary measure Sucre de Carabineros, located in the metropolitan area.

Last July Temuko Court of Appeal holds the preventive detention for Blu in the context of the Hurricane operation after being formalized for the crimes of. t a public tool for counterfeiting, illicit association and manipulation of evidence, a measure canceled in February last year.

Linking Vilalibos to Operation Hurray

In addition, the prosecutor Palma referred to the relationship of the former Director General of Carabineros Bruno Vilalibos with Operation "Hurray"given that he testifies as a witness.

"Mr Vilalibos was interviewed twice directly and as a witness, as I have always said, I do not exclude any possibility with regard to the intervener, but so far Mr. Vilarobos has always been a witness, has never been quoted in a different quality and therefore I have no record at this time to formalize anyone other than those who have already asked for a formal hearing, "the pursuer added.

Among the decisions taken by. T Judge Letitia Rivera is a permission to access the information contained in the prosecutor's mobile phones with a high degree of complexity Luis Arroyo, who would attend private meetings with Carabineros employees before the hurricane operation broke out, falsely accused the eight mauphic comuners to have links with flamboyant attacks.

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