Sunday , June 13 2021

Hyundai and KIA report that you can "reprogram" your cars from a smartphone

Korean brands go out. In recent months, they have introduced several innovations that will soon be debuting in their models. today Hyundai Motor Group announced the development of an electric vehicle-based performance technology that allows users to customize their core features through a smart phone application,

Drivers can use this technology to regulate engine performance, ignition, acceleration and deceleration, recurrent braking capacity, maximum speed limitation, responsiveness and power utilization in the air conditioner.

These adjustments will be used to create profiles that customers can share with other cloud users and thus get the most out of their electrical patterns for what service or route they need to take.

Thanks to this system, users will be able to you share your personalizationCustomers may also apply the configuration recommended by Hyundai, depending on the state of the roads, from the country roads to the city center or the mountain ranges.

Hyundai Motor Group will use blockchain technology to avoid security problems while users are loading they share their user configurations on the server,

In the boot and share process, the system encrypts a block net creating new blocks of data and tampering.

Productivity adjustment technology is possible due to the distinctive properties of electric vehicles that are distinct from internal combustion engine vehicles by connecting it to different software.

As we told you a few days ago, the Hyundai Motor Group is planning introduces 44 models from here until 2025, including 23 electric vehicles.

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