Thursday , January 21 2021

Hyundai is making millions of investments in hydrogen cars

Against the backdrop of the aggressive investment of the automotive sector in electric cars, Huyndai made a message that went beyond that. Clearly, because the South Korean company in fuel cells for hydrogen-powered cars.

The company plans to produce 700,000 fuel cells (as it is known to charge these cars), of which 500,000 units will be for vehicles.

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This strategy is part of the FCEV Vision 2030 plan, which aims to generate 51,000 jobs, Cinco Días reports.

"Hyundai Motor Group, a global pioneer in the production of hydrogen cars, is taking another step to accelerate the creation of a hydrogen community," said Executive Vice President Eisun Chun, Hyundai's Executive Vice President.

The company will not confine itself to the hydrogen vehicle (which, according to the manufacturers, is 0 emissions, only discharges water), but also aims to supply fuel cells to unmanned ships, boats, forklift trucks and power generators. "We will go beyond the transport sector (the automotive sector), we will have a major role to play in the transition of global society to clean energy … We are sure that hydrogen will be applied in more sectors than in transport and will be become a global economic success, "Chun added.

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The company has two fuel cell factories. The goal is to move from 3,000 currently produced per year to 40,000 in 2022. The Hydrogen Council, formed by companies that want to encourage the use and development of this technology, predicts demand for this type by 2050 fuel will multiply by ten.

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