Wednesday , November 25 2020

"I claim legal recognition, I do not want money"

Alvaro Salas must face a new paternity claim, now by Paola, a daughter who is not legally recognized by a comic.

In a conversation with La Mannana, he revealed that he was not recognized by a comic "It's never been a subject"But for the last time he began to treat Soledad Rodriguez and Matthias, the son of Salas, who" opened his eyes. "

Paolo remembered that Salas was present in his mother's pregnancy, but he went away when he married. "He has always been with pensions, he physically disappeared," he said.

I was always one of the people who said "ay, pobre mi papá" almost like the women were thrown and that was my perception, but it never was"He added.

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He also said that on several occasions he had asked her to recognize her legally, but could not, because of different circumstances, specify it.

As to the case, Paola assured that: "I'm afraid of his reaction. Call him on the phone and tell me some ugly word or react badly, and that concerns me".

"I claim only legal recognition, nothing more. I do not want money"He condemned.

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