Wednesday , December 8 2021

"I do not think O Higgins plays better because of Arancibia's call"


Jose Pedro Fuenzaalida He was confident in achieving it triumph over O Higgins, who could leave the Catholic University at the doors of the title.

One of the questions that stole the attention for the penultimate date is related to the words Francis Aransissia, who admitted calling his former colleagues from O'Higgins to help the University of Chile.

"I do not think the player should be motivated to play a game of this magnitude, I know that in O'Higgins they are motivated by themselves, they play their choice to qualify for the Copa Sudamericana. team plays better because another player from another team calls them, "he said.

On the other hand, intercepted captain He admitted that they did not have any extra pressure on the outcome of the tournament, with the first chance to be crowned champions.

"The pressure is given throughout the year to be almost a tournament, and that's no exception. In the latter case, there is an additional touch that can be determined, but we have the first option. It is clear that we are dependent on us, and the rest depends on what we do, "he said.

"All teams have had a high and low level, but we are not in a different, non-champion scenario, we are so close, the most important thing is to win the rest." The effort is important throughout the year, he added.

Other phrases

experienced: "Beyond the experienced players we need those who are better at which the coach states that they can serve for the end of the tournament."

Remote Distance: – We could mark a greater distance. Even so, we are at the table after 28 dates. But we can not think about the games we lost.

Champion in San Carlos? "The best thing to do is to be a champion, no matter where. That's the purpose we want to raise this cup."

Summary of the rest: "The definition in this type of championship is happening in the end and playing at the same time, but we think only of ourselves and not of what others are doing."

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