Tuesday , June 15 2021

"I Think I'm Painless": Camilla Recabarren Recognizes Sexual Orientation And Explains What It Comes From Television and Show

Camilla Rekabarren This is one of the people who acquire more and more space on television. It was Miss Chile and today, having gone through La Red, he works as a participant in the morning In the morning from Chilliwon.

In a deep interview with Sara, the model talks about her personal life, her only life, and admits she is not close to being able to have a relationship with a woman.

"I am so resolved today that I would not be afraid to be with a woman for criticism. I only take care of my happiness and if my happiness is with a woman, I will take it, "he said.

He added that "I think I'm pseudo, as Miley Cyrus says, I am struck by this term and it's about loving everyone and falling in love with people, regardless of their gender, which comes a lot to me. "

Indeed, and as we explained in BioBioChile, pseudoscience (which is different from bisexuality) usually means that someone can be sexually attracted to people of all sexes.

To her daughter Isabela, she said, "I'm not afraid I'll see a woman tomorrow, and if she's attracted to a woman who's not locked in a closet twenty or thirty years in the future, if he's lucky, let him know.

During the conversation, the model said that this conversation is not a problem in her family because she can talk to her parents from a child.

– Since I am a "mascara," my father, since I was a girl, asked me "Cami, are you a lesbian?", Because I had lesbian friends. If I was, I would say so. I also fear people! They do not call me, I think they see me as a woman who is so empowered and so strong they do not dare approach me, "he said.

This week Recabarren began with parallel work through social networks. It's about her new hit at Instagram, where the first chapter had an interview with national singer Dennis Rosenthal.

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