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In Argentina they assure that Boca does not want to play the final: if necessary, they will go to TAS | football

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The hours continue and the situation remains the sameThe uncertainty about Copa Libertadores de América's finale lasts two days from the date that was determined from the outset.

Indeed, in Argentina they say that the position of the actors in this situation continues in the same way. While River Plate and Conmebol are looking for a date to play the final, Boca does not want to know anything about it.

"Boca's position remains the same as Saturday night and Sunday, and Boca sends his attorneys to Paraguay, and in the next few hours he will join Daniel Angelci, who is waiting for a tomorrow meeting in Connel," said journalist Juan Fernandez who is responsible for everything is happening in Boca Juniors Fox Sports chain.

Whether the last meeting of the Copa Libertadores 2018 was discontinued twice, meetings between managers continue to be the main topic of the negotiations. They joined Boca's lawyers, as "xeneizes" would not want to play the game.

"The club is not ready to accept a new date for the match. If necessary, Boca will go to TAS because he does not want to play the game, "said Fox Sports.

Recall that the Sports Court of Arbitration (TAS) is a body that decides between two or more positions on sporting matters. To get to this case, there must be some judgment on the case.

If Conmebol rescheduled the match and Boca believes there are enough arguments to win the Copa Libertadores through a regulation, "xeneizes" may appeal against Conmebol's decision in TAS.

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