Monday , January 18 2021

In Mexico, they reach the UC's interest in Dilan Zúñiga

The Everton player will now have an agreement with the crusaders. However, an offer from Mexico emerged that it left more decent on the "rulers".

Dylan Zuniga is one of the players who emerged as likely to strengthen the Catholic University in 2019. Everton may reach San Carlos de Apocindo to replace the German German Voboril who has not renewed his contract.

Despite the interest of the Crusaders, Mexican interest has grown in recent times, which complicates the possibility that the colloquium formed in Colo Colo could reach the foot.

The lion of Mexico has shown interest in the country and wants to have it in its ranks. In fact, Zuniga will travel this Monday to negotiate this option. At the Vinamarino club, meanwhile, they like this offer more than the Catholic University.

The Mexican actress, where Juan Corneo and Jean Mennes are already playing, will also go to Angelo Sagal and Edson Poach next year.

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