Wednesday , January 20 2021

In Video | Junior is already in Brazil

The team, which beat SID 4-1 for the Águila II league on Saturday, is now preparing to face Atlético Paranaense for the Copa Sudamericana final this Wednesday at the Arena da Baixada starting at 7:45. h

Junior did not have much time to enjoy and celebrate the 4-1 victory against Medellin in the first match of the league's final, the previous Saturday at Roberto Melandez Metropolitan Stadium.

After the football "Metro Concert" he offered to El Pederozzo, especially during the second half, the team went to dinner at Hotel Carlton and hours later, 2:30 AM. On Sunday, Abu Dhabi arrived to Curitiba, Brazil, on his Abu Dhabi A2828 charter flight to take the second and final match against Atletico Paranaens for the Copa Sudamerica final this Wednesday at the Arena da Baixada starting at 7: 45 hours. (Colombian time, 10:45 Brazilian time).

Hansel Vasquez, Special Envoy

The sharks, after a long journey of six and a half hours, without stops, landed on Brazilian territory at 12 meters. (9 hours in Colombia) with their entire team of players and coaching staff.

The charter, which also attracted some fans and a large group of journalists, was initially addressed by club members who had previously put together a picture of Aviantka workers who were victims of preparing a Billboard with a message of encouragement: "Come on my junior to the soul, to be able. "

In addition, they embraced and shook the hand of Vladimir Hernades, a former junior player, currently at Atlético Nacional, who headed for Miami with his wife. They joked and talked to the little arrogant, and even for a few seconds listened to the recommendations of the Paranne area. Vladimir went through Santos and has the opportunity to play in the Arena to Baiksada.

One by one, the rallies that were already bathed and changed with blouses, were boarding the plane that displayed the bridegroom's flag in the cockpit window. Pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for the shark mission.

The eleven starting players against Medellin and coach Julio Comesana set up in the first class.

They were the most wear-ridden in the game, and they needed a more comfortable place to handle just over 4,972 kilometers. The remaining players were placed in the following chairs. Fans and journalists sat in the posts later.

The departure of dawn meant that most passengers had fallen into Morpheo's hands, snoring here, nodding there, film there, video game there. Stretching Conversation in the back. Many trips to the bathroom. In the middle of one thing and another they spent minutes from the extensive transfer until the plane finally touched.

Once at Curitiba International Airport, players went through immigration and then got on the bus, which took them to the Radisson Hotel, a place of concentration.
On the same charter flight from Avijana, Munich will fly out of Curitiba after the match against Paranáense, whatever happens and will head to Medellin to concentrate on the League final on Sunday at 4:30.

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