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Inflation registers zero change in November, and lemon ranks among the world's largest economy

In November 2018, this morning the National Institute of Statistics (INE) The Consumer Price Index (CPI) does not account for monthly deviations, accumulating 2.7% so far this year and 2.8% to twelve months.

In its bulletin, the issuer of the country's key statistics explained that in the eleventh month of the year, "four of the twelve divisions that make up the basket of the consumer price index have had positive effects from the index change, seven have had negative consequences and one shipment frequency ".

Among the marching divisions she stood up recreation and culture (1.3%) and food and non-alcoholic beverages (0.4%),

Rose lemon and travel

In the last question he stressed the lemon, which recorded a monthly increase of 35.5%,

on The monthly rise in price is due to its lower availability on the market, as this product is related to the winter production season.

Also, tourist packages have risen in price, which is distinguished by the great demand for destinations like Peru (specifically Lima), Colombia (San Andrés) and Laguna San Rafael,

United Nations Agency
United Nations Agency

Remove tomatoes and gas

On the other hand, among departments reporting a drop in their prices, transport (-0.6%). "The remaining divisions with negative incidents accounted for -0.129 percentage points," INE said.

Furthermore, tomatoes fell by 9.1% due to an increase in the offer, as a result of the greater supply from the central part of the country, which is in full production.

United Nations Agency
United Nations Agency

In turn, INE added, gasoline shows a monthly decrease of 1.4%As the National Petroleum Company (ENAP) points out in its weekly fuel price reports, "the decline is due to factors related to the United States' increase in oil reserves, geopolitical causes and a reduction in the exchange rate, among other reasons. "

Variations and cases of 20 products with the largest weight in the basket

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