Saturday , June 19 2021

Inmobiliaria Manquehue will reform the board in April after opening the stock exchange

With the operation of the stock market, 70 million US dollars were raised. Of these, $ 28 million is for the company, and most of the others match the sale of Corso's stake.

The opening of the Inmobiliaria Manquehue Exchange associated with the Rabat brothers will lead to changes in the board of directors of the company.

The next meeting of the council, scheduled for 30 April, is expected to identify new members.

Of the seven currently constituted, two will be occupied by representatives of the new shareholders. One will be the position left by Elizabeth Lehmann (associated with the Corso group) and another with the departure of one of the brothers Rabat, whose name has not yet been revealed.

Of the four Rabat who are currently in the directory – Jose Antonio, Jose Luis, Carlos Alberto and Pelayo – only two will continue because the idea is to professionalize the company. Meanwhile, the current president, Canio Corbot and director Jorge Lama will remain.

Results of the operation

With the opening of the stock exchange on Friday in Santiago, it was possible to raise $ 70 million. Of these, $ 28 million is for the real estate company, and the rest is for the Inversiones Corso (which entered in 2009 with 15% stake) and the remainder for the Rabat family.

"The interest of the square promises us to accelerate growth with an ambitious investment plan that we are now implementing," said Fabian Vulf, chief executive of the company.

The planned $ 600 million plan for the next five years will be used to finalize 22 projects currently under preparation, with options to add three more by the end of the year, the executive explained after the opening.

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