Thursday , June 24 2021

International day of condoms: AHF will distribute condoms at Plaza Italia and Central Station

Since 2012 he has been running on February 13th International Condomy Daythe date on which the creation of this condom is noted and emphasis on its responsible use to avoid the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Although this day is celebrated in more than 35 countries, much of the population is still unaware of the importance of a condom. In fact, according to the AHF Chileonly 20.8% have almost always used a condom in their last 10 sexual relationships and 26% almost never, while men almost always 39.7% and only 14% have always answered.

This was commented by AHF Chief Coordinator Chile, Leonardo Arenas, who voiced concern about the few accents the government has made on the little importance attached to condoms in public prevention policies.

Leonardo Arenas

For that day, AHF Chile has prepared an intervention at Plaza Italia and the Central Station, where there will be a condom (similar to a food truck) truck where they will distribute free condoms for men and women.

This activity is part of the HIV / AIDS campaign that AHF Chile is doing as well seeks condoms to be included in the strategy to prevent this virus.

According to Arenas, the government has only focused on the population to undertake a rapid HIV and PrEP test (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) that prevents the acquisition of the virus by taking antiretroviral drugs continuously for those people who have a significant risk exceeding the average for infection with HIV infection.

"This is encouraged by the government, which has evidence that already in 2015, the countries agreed to the second Latin America and Caribbean Combined Prevention Forum in Rio de Janeiro where Conflict with condoms is proven because if I take PrEP and know that it reduces the risk of HIV infection then why would I use a condom?– he said.

That is why AHF is struggling to have a combined prevention strategy when it is included in a condom with sexual education without leaving behind PrEP and a quick test.

However, the importance of using condoms is not only in the prevention of HIV but also in other STIs such as gonorrhea or syphilis.

"The decline in the use of condoms is a regional trend. This is confirmed by data coming from Peru and Argentina and declining, especially in the young population, "he concludes.

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