Monday , January 18 2021

Inverness returns with new aspects and two classic reflections

You can have more or less Christmas spirit, but Overwatch has always been able to offer good excuses to gather their fans at this time. The secret? The last event of 2018 will help Mercy and the premiere of the company legendary aspects and the recovery process two classic modes,

The main thing: All players will get a booty box Inverlandia which includes at least one of the seasonal content. The advance of the new set of content created for the case that features the aspects of Junkrat krampus, Mercy sugar fairy or Symmetra Figure Skating,

And nothing like a new trailer to see how the characters of Blizzard look.

Together with the aspects, they are released new gestures and content of cosmetic character, A perfect excuse to invest the currency of the game we have accumulated this year, or try your luck to open and open boxes based on the level and the usual challenges.

Although there is an opportunity to return to the two winter battles: Yeti jacket and Mei: Operation Snowball they are available again for a limited time. Two light but quite entertaining experiences performed by the adventurous climatologist.

New Aspects

Finally, as we have already said, Jeff Kaplan and his team have decorated the map of Blizzard World for the occasion, snow cover, filling with Christmas lights and adding decoration inspired by confectionery.

The event Inverness 2018 is present in all overwatch copies from today and will be active until 2 January 2019.You have three weeks to get the new facets and to throw snowballs on your friends and strangers.

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