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Invitation to invite, the mobile service that allows you to know who is behind an unknown number – BBC News

Invitation invitation, the mobile service that lets you know who's behind an unknown number

Google releases a service that filters incoming calls from unknown numbers without having to respond. If enabled, the automatic voice will answer when you decide whether you want to be present. Currently it is only available for Pixel, but is expected to be extended.

The mobile phone rings and when you look at the screen, you see it is an unknown number. This is probably a business call, but at the same time you fear that this may be important. Do you also hesitate to answer?

Google decided to resort to artificial intelligence to help the user in these cases. The technology company launched the Call Check service in November – an application that filters out incoming calls without having to respond.

The service is currently available only on Pixel devices where it is installed by default. However, it is expected that the app will be generalized and will reach Android, although Google has not yet spoken about dates.

When the user of these devices receives a call, they will have the option to trigger invitations that will appear on the screen. If activated, the caller will hear an automatic voice that will ask you to identify yourself and explain the cause of the call.

At the same time, a screen will appear on the screen copy of conversations, so the user can decide if they want to answer the call. Otherwise, the voice assistant will apologize and reject.

What happens if it's not easy to determine who's calling? In this case, the service offers the "Tell me more" options, "Is it urgent?" and "Call later", which can be activated on the same screen.

Google said the files of these calls remained in the phone and were not stored on their servers, although the user could restore them in their cell phone history.

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