Thursday , May 13 2021

IPSA finishes the week with a correction despite Friday's promotion

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The warehouse in Santiago on Friday saw an advance of 0.46% in its main index, IPSA, which closed at 5,140.74 points.

Meanwhile, the main indicator fell 0.97%, up until now the loss increased to 7.62%.

On the other hand, the General Index of Stock Prices (IGPA) rose 0.38% to close at 26,095.50 points, gaining 0.88% adjustment during the week and gaining a fall of 6, 74% so far in 2018.

The volume of traded shares reached $ 83.296 million this Friday (about $ 125 million) in 10,047 companies.

The largest was Friday for Planvital shares (204.88%), Scotiabankcl (8.33%) and LTM (4.58%), while major losses hit Sixterra (-15.86%), Pehuenche , 60%) and Cencosud (-2.34%).

IPSA 23 11

Inter-10, which measures the local performance of the American Depository Receipt in New York and is an important component of IPSA, increased 1.09% to 6 014.51. ,

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