Friday , January 22 2021

Is it real? A supposed spoiler of hidden truths shows the return of Carmen Zabala | Television and exhibitions

Mega Evening Theaters, Hidden Truths managed to win the audience and become one of the most successful productions of the TV station.

Productions starring Camilla Hirana, Carlos Dias, Javier Diaz de Valdes and Matthias Oviedo keep fans stuck to the TV every afternoon with the powerful and powerful scenes she puts on the screen.

Drama is vital because Leonardo (Carlos Dias), in her desire to avenge Javier Díaz de Valdés, has kidnapped Maria Luisa (Viviana Rodriguez) and now Rocio (Camilla Hiran).

The evil hero tells all his anger about the time they lied, whom he thinks of his great love, Agustina.

But the drama not only hits the small screen, but also through social networks where a photo has recently begun to circulate showing the return of a favorite actress, Karman Zabala, who is the first to interpret Agustina.

Remember, once you have left your production due to pregnancy, its fans have not ceased to want to join the counter again, and according to this image your wishes could be fulfilled.

In the entry that was shared by the @hopelessfrank account user, we see Zabala and Javiera Díaz de Valdés, dressed in white shirts, as patients in a psychiatric ward.

The photo shocked many production fans who could not believe that the actress had come back and began to create new theories about the future of history, one of which is that Amelia will be sent from Agustina; another stalls that his appearance is part of Leonardo's madness.

Now we just have to wait for this moment to be displayed on the screen to find out what's going on.





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