Thursday , January 28 2021

Is it worth it to give Apple this holiday?

For many people, especially with some economic capacity, an interesting gift can be Apple Watch, Apple's watch, advertised on its website with young people who exercise, play sports like basketball or in a typical yoga pose.

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The apple clock is worth US $ 400 in the US, version 4, and it is clear that the company is looking to expand the number of customers. Apple Watch has a new feature that detects a fall and more important heart problems. With descriptions of the best-selling "tutorial, part of guru" and "designed to improve your health … and powerful to protect it," Apple shows its approach to preventive health, an issue that, of course, that people like it.

"The healthcare market is obviously important to Apple," said twelve Andy Hargreaves, an Apple analyst with KeyBanc Capital Markets. Fall prevention and electrocardiogram application strive to "sell people more" and to accept health monitoring applications outside the "people they are practicing", looking for a wider audience.

This watch can be a perfect gift for those people of a certain agesaid Laura Martin, a senior analyst with Needham. "People who have used wrist watches all their lives suddenly have monitoring if they fall," says Martin, and then "Voila!" Creates a new ramp for a new type of user across Apple's entire ecosystem "

The app that monitors falls uses clock sensors that are activated for people over 65 when they tell the device about their age. These sensors measure the movements of users and notice that suddenly the one who holds the watch becomes "unstable". When a fall is detected, the watch sends a notification to its holder. If the watch does not respond within the first minute to deactivate the alert, the emergency services are warned when the clock owner may need help. This minute may also be enough time to prevent false alarm, for example, when the clock falls.

There are many health bands on the market, but Apple relies on the "customer loyalty" factor, which makes people buy the entire ecosystem offered by Apple, not just the clock. In many ways, it seems to be a marketing strategy, but deep inside it can help elderly people.

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