Saturday , January 23 2021

"It's much easier with Las Condes's budget than with Huushuraba's budget"

Former Chancellor Heraldo Munzu surprise this Friday, who appeared among the best-rated political figures, according to the latest study by the Center for Public Research (CEP).

Munzu scored 37% approval, the same as Giorgio JacksonIn his own sector the only one above is the former president Michelle Bachelet (42%),

In an interview with Registered trademark, the former foreign minister said that "it is a pleasure to be positively assessed in a citizens' survey. I pay attention to this, I appreciate it, but as it happens in the elections, this is a reflection of the moment and does not mean anything about the future".

Most appreciated Los Condes, Mayor Lavin, 48%. His disapproval, meanwhile, is only 20%. When he refers to this, Munoz emphasizes that "this is an assessment, not an adhesion, which means nothing in terms of possible presidential candidates."

"In the case of Lavin, I think reflects the mayor's resilience and which meets the needs of people in their everyday lives. By the way, it is much easier to do with the budget of Las Condes than with the budget of Huechuraba, Renca or Pudahuel", He said.

Still, he draws attention to the political class: "People in the social world must meet the demands of the citizens."

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