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Ivan Moreira, 12 years after Pinochet's death: "Those who swear by eternal love, those who have been snatched away" | community

You can say that Ivan Moreira is one of the last members of the Pinochetti parliament in Chile. For decades, the current Los Angeles senator has defended what he calls "Legacy" by Augusto Pinochet. Twelve years after his death, the UDI leader remembers the last day of his military life and sends a message to his own sector.

In conversation with BioBioChile, Morrey recalled that he was the only parliamentary deputy at that time who had been with the former army chief, only hours before the man, 91 years old. myocardial infarction this ended his life.

"The truth is, I was the only politician who had been with him for hours after his death, and that day, December 10, 2006, allowed me to see him the same day, and at that time he limited visits, only relatives, and that day he felt better, and the treating physician told me he could go see him. I was surprised at how good he was, he sat with serum in an armchair that was in the room and we started talking. I saw it pretty well, " he pointed out.

He added: "It seemed like I was overcoming the situation that made him worse (…) The truth of what happened was that I had spoken to him very much, I was half an hour with him, and I retired to leave him quite well. About two o'clock in the afternoon the treating physician tells me (Dr. Cox) and he says, "Ivan, come here because my general died," and went to the military hospital.

He even took the time to remember one of his conversations with Pinochet: "This Mercury day, A Senator from the PH, who said that if General Pinochet died, he would not go to his funeral. At this time, every day, as it was expected, something could happen every minute. That day I was with him, reading the newspaper, and he tells me "But if I do not invite that person to my funeral."

The current senator also took the time to remember the celebrations led by leaders of Chilean parties and people who were forever against the period known as the dictatorship or military government (depending on the viewpoint you are looking at).

"I saw that bottles of champagne are open, this is the left group they celebrate because they are champions for calling for human rights. But as I like it or not, I think Pinochet was a soldier who saved Chile, a soldier who turned Chile into a large country, and if it was not big Chile Why does their economic and social policies continue, left-wing governments? ", he explained,


To whom he added: "I appreciate the good things that General Pinochet has done, but he is not blinded by the black spots of the military government, there were black spots and one was human rights. But in balance, things were done for Chile, which no one had done I feel saved because at the time or they were or we were. "

On the other hand, Morreira took advantage of sending a message to his own political sector and his party, the Independent Democratic Union (UDI), to those who said they had begun Pinochettio to launch political campaigns far from the worst, conservative law and "calculations". politicians ".

"What is happening is the following, people washed their hands, those who embraced General Pinochet, those who offered him eternal love, well, all started with selective calculations. Do not forget that at that time 44% of the Chileans were with Pinochet in the plebiscite. When I left the government, Pinochet left with 44%, which even democratic governments did not have when they left, " he pointed out.

There has also been time for details, according to the view that the history of the military government has not been taught in the way that Unidad Popular in Chile (1970-1973) addresses.

United Nations Agency
United Nations Agency

"Because the story is written with the left hand, apparently youth sees it differently. Those of us who live in Unidad Popular leave little, "he said.

Finally, there was also time to talk about the health of Augusto Pinochet's widow, Luca Hayar, who has recently been infected several times in the Military Hospital. "A 96-year-old face is obviously a very fragile person, but according to age is good health," he said.

It should be noted that on Monday, December 10, Moreira posted on his Twitter account that "12 years since the death of the President of the Republic, General Augusto Pinochet, we remember him kindly, and his work as a nation. we assert the historical truth of the "soldier who saved Chile".

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