Thursday , May 13 2021

Jose Mourinho relies on Alexis's continuity at Manchester United – International Football

Jose Mourinho relies on Alexis' continuity in Manchester United

The Manchester United coach has reached the rumors of rumors that the Belgian has asked to leave the English club. TVN


A few days ago the British press was surprised to say so Alexis Sanchez He had asked his agent to find him a club so he could leave Manchester UnitedFrom this, the Red Cross's DT Jose Mourinho He came out of the rumors.

"I do not think he's leaving because he did not tell me he wanted to do it, he never told me not to be happy here to decide to leave," he said.

"He plays as a team, trying to improve, what he wants to play and produce, can it be better? Yes, like the whole team like me," added Mourinho, who left the bench in the last games. replaces Alexis.

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