Sunday , May 16 2021

Justice has increased the period of investigation in Sophie's case

The Puerto Montmarty Court of Arbitration decided to increase the research period by 45 days from the death of little Sophie, the one-year-old girl who died in January and shocked Los Lagos region,

In this case, it is charged Francis Rios, the father of the minor, who did not come to court for reasons "extreme security"as the gendarmerie explained, so you do not have to remove it from Alto Bonto jail in Puerto Montt.

on the fiscal Ana Maria Aguero and the defense represented by the lawyer Pablo Castro, reached a general agreement to increase the investigation period since then there is still no clarification as to how the compression of breasts has occurred, which causes fracture in the sternum.

The hearing recorded a high police contingent due to the media nature of the case, which prompted protests in Puerto Montt because It was initially ensured that the minor had signs of sexual abuse,

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