Wednesday , January 27 2021

JVR urges to "surrender" to the failure of the TC to regulate the bona fide national objection

UDI President Jacqueline Van Risselberge called on the left to "surrender" the TC's decision by regulating the bona fide objection to the Aboriginal law on three grounds; before the opposition could blame constitutionally the ministers of the Court.

In response, feminist organizations analyze that they are going to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

Follow the reactions of the TK decision declared unconstitutional Art. 13 of the Ordinance on Opportunity for Integrity in the Decriminalization of Abortions Act on three grounds, and that she had several episodes in the processing of said adjustment.

They were 8 votes "for" and "against" at the request of Chile Vamoos, with whom the institution declared that the article of the regulation was unconstitutional. The Communist Party analyzes the possibility of submitting a constitutional accusation against members of the body for political use in determining the organism.

In this respect, it was Senator Jacqueline Van Risselberge, who called the opposition transmission of the specified by the Constitutional Court.

The opposition criticized the fact that the government he did not protect his regulation against TC; accusing the executive of using UDI to establish this change in law.

Various feminist movements that monitor the reproductive health of women analyze the possibility of entering the Inter-American Human Rights Court to file an application for violation of women's rights because they claim that the state employs medical followers in the field of public health, to affect the law.

This was stated by the former president of Miles Chile, an academic and researcher on reproductive rights, Claudia Dees.

The Constitutional Court has found that private health establishments which have signed agreements governed by the provisions may not be opposed to good faith when they provide benefits from Obstetrics and Gynecology, which reaches six hospitals throughout the country.

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