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Kate Middleton and Megan Mark take a look while attending the Wimbledon women's final together Celebrities and royalty

Romanian Simona Callepe was named Saturday's Wimbledon champion for the first time in her career, winning comfortable and unexpectedly legendary Serena Williams, who will have to keep waiting to reach the record of 24 Grand Slam titles.

But another fact has also attracted the attention of the media. From the box of honor, two members of the British royal family followed the game carefully: American dictator Megan Marc, the dowager of Sussex from her wedding with Prince Harry, has long been a friend of Serena Williams, while Kate, his wife, Prince William, has attachment to Hallepe.

The dukes of Cambrigde and Sussex were very close during the game, thus ending speculation about possible enmity or friction between them.

This is the second time they attend a sporting event together, have already been seen to participate in a charity polo tournament at Billingbear, Berkshire, where they encourage their husbands.

It is remarkable that at 37, Williams – who has won 3 times Roland Garros, 6 – The US Open, 7 – Australian Open and 7 Wimbledon – tried to put the cover in his record, equating the absolute record of 24 Grand Slam titles. achieved by Australian tennis player Margaret Court in the early 1970s.

This was the first final for Halep, the seventh seed on All England's London club grass, and the audience of the central court was mostly in favor of the American seven-time champion of the great English tournament.

But the Romanian 27-year-old, who was still number one at the start of this season, was not impressed.

"When a tennis player plays with this madness, you just have to take off your hat and make a bow"She admitted Serena Williams when he talked about Dalep.

"It was my best gameThe Romanian admitted that he was visibly upset, claiming he "worked hard to reach this point".

Hallep, who had previously recorded good results mainly on clay, explained that he worked very hard to change his game and achieve victories over English grass, her mother's dream since he was ten years old.

And he conquers the audience in London, assuring that one of his motives for wanting to be crowned as a Wimbledon champion is to have a "membership in life" at the legendary English club.

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