Sunday , June 20 2021

Kramer's defense after sharp criticism by the imitation of Sebastian Pinera

During the last Telemaron there were not a few who pointed their fingers Stefan Kramer, who was criticized for his imitation Sebastian Pinera. this, because some say he has left him heavily suspended from his fictitious participation in El Rosco.

In fact, the first Lady Cecilia Perez fired at the comedian at that time, assuring that the figure of the president should be respected just as Don Francisco had slipped himself. Later on Pinera He also reviewed Kramerto the point where he has qualified his routine "A small contribution to the unit and humor".

Now, two months after that "Crusade of Solidarity" The comedian broke the silence and responded to criticism.

Cold Towels

– That's already part of the trade. I think you have to take risks and do things you feel, the man with the thousands of faces revealed in Zen mode in dialogue with "Intruders".

In the end he assured that all of this was already part of the past. – It's like football matches. Things to say are left to court, and then life continues, "he concluded, before assuring that relations with Don Francisco were good as ever.

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