Thursday , January 28 2021

La Florida's popular Christmas home is "off" by neighbors' complaints: kids want their return | national

One show This is the house of Juana Palomonos Florida, that for eight years beautifully decorates the exterior of his house Christmas,

The lighting and ornaments he installed attracted the attention of the Florida people who came to see the house illuminate every night.

But not everyone was happy. Palomonos told LUN that his immediate neighbors claimed it for the large number of people who came to see the show, which even forced Carabinero's presence to direct the transit.

Thus, decided not to consecrate his house in 2018, "They do not want to turn on the lights because many people come to watch, they say it can be dangerous, because it attracts thieves, but nothing happened, if anything happens, they'll blame me," he said.

He added that "the problems have lowered me," they said, "The people who came to watch the house walked on the grass, they were thrown out of the cigarette lump, they were parked at the edges of the house to cover the entrance to the parking lot."

Among the decorations installed there were lights that moved in the rhythm of music, pines 4 meters high, deer imported from Ireland and the sled, "I now have everything saved because I was angry," he added.

A businesswoman from the automotive world commented that in order to achieve its decoration it occupies 65 extensions and they paid about 50 thousand dollars extra in electricity, because the lights are LED and do not spend so much.

What do you plan to do? At the moment he is not clear if he will finally release the lights or will sell it at last. For now, still receive letters from children They ask him to reconsider his decision and turn his house back into a Christmas show.

Mayor Rodolfo Carter told Twitter that "as a municipality we will do as much as possible to restore this endangered tradition."

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