Wednesday , January 27 2021

Lampé does not add any minutes to Boca and returns to Huaca Hapato

The Bolivian goalkeeper stayed with great enthusiasm for Argentina, but could not make a debut in the "xenon".

Esteban Andrada suffers severely in the first round of the quarterfinal against Cruziro from Copa Libertadores For that reason, Boca Juniors decided to rent Carlos Lampé,

Bolivian phicho for several months and came to "xenis" with the illusion of fighting for a position and winning the continental contest. But none of this happened.

The chosen high school went to the substitute bench in three games, including the last, but after the rebuilding of Andrada, it was not even an alternative in Santiago Bernabeu.

The Santa Cruz de la Sierra born can not resist grieving and crying when he gets a second place medal after defeating the river plaque.

After the loan was finished, Lampe had to return to Huachipato. Situation that will occur when "Steel" starts its precursor.

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