Thursday , June 17 2021

Laura's Deep Reflection Accepted after the fierce criticism of her physicist

During the weekend, Laura Admitted has been the victim of ugly comments afterwards Upload a photo back and in bikini for your account Instagram,

Some bad milk did not have mercy and broke against the Uruguayan model, which was criticized for its appearance. "Laura really cares about your care, use another kind of bathing suit until you solve your problem", commented one consumer for alleged cellulite.

For this reason, the former couple Julio Cesar Rodriguez he could not stand bad attitude and was protected with deep reflection in the same social network.

"This is my body, I love it and I look after it. I accept everything that happened to me. Pregnancy, sorrow, joy. The body, the skin, the souls of our souls "He said at the beginning of a large publication.

"… you're a living woman"

And for that, he added "It would be nice if we stopped seeing objects or products. I would like to see ourselves as women with stories, with strength, with emotions. He wants every strip, every scar, every wrinkle, because that's your story, and yet you're a living woman.

Finally, the message of Laura Admitted He attracted applause from most of his followers who appreciate his position in this situation.

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