Sunday , August 1 2021


Apostolic Administrator of Puerto Montt, Ricardo Morales, is under protection due to a number of complaints filed with the public prosecutor against former archbishop general of the city, Tulio Soto Manquemilla and former curator Darius Nicholas, suspended from September for alleged sexual abuse.

External Audit ordered by the religious in September would have led to the existence of a variety of self-management treaties that justified additional salaries, the use of money for lending and the irregular receipt of psychotropic drugs at the Cesfam Family Health Center, which is protected by the Puerto Montt archbishopric, according to La Segundas.

The study reveals that Soto Mancumela would use money from the archdiocese "for personal purposes without taking into account", in addition to lending to people outside the religious unit who are registered in notaries to guarantee payment.

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Also, Soto and Nicholas would have deceived the Ministry of Finance for the misuse of funds belonging to Cesfam, as both would agree to hire each other as local workers for the purpose of obtaining a monthly salary, among other irregularities, such as leases and the purchase of a vehicle.

On the other hand, Nicholas would have been able to execute a recipe for various psychotropic drugs on behalf of the Chesam workers so that he does not seem to be withdrawn from him, in order to take them abroad.

He also religiously weighed the witness statement stating that the priest had directed minors to a psychologist to confirm his sexual condition that he had to visit after the end of Cesam's time, and also "had to report on the results of Priest Darius Nicholas ".

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