Tuesday , June 22 2021

League of Legends season 2019 brings more stories in new formats

Also League of Legends news, this time it's about the League of Legends story that felt frozen in time in 2018. Riot Games has invested heavily in building the basics that would allow it today to enrich the story of the game as well and in 2019 the company will deepen what's happening in Runaterra with new stories and exploring new events, venues and formats.

During the 2019 season, Riot Games will reveal mysteries and aspects of Demacia that players do not know about today. Demacy's narrative will focus on banning the magic that led Silaz – the new champion – to Prison and Lux ​​to hide his gifts and that other rival countries are not afraid to use.

The secrets of Ciudad Bandl, the home of the Jordan, will also be revealed, and players will finally get answers to their questions about the existence of this place and the importance of the Jordan in the Legends of Legends.

More comics and new media

Riot will experiment with new tools to tell the story of Runeterra. As announced in 2018, they will tell stories in comics and the company is committed to publishing comics a month in collaboration with Marvel in 2019.

After Ash's comics, Demonia's story will follow Ionia.

The publishing of comics begins with the history of Ash, then they will explore the story of Lux and Garen, who will eventually follow Zed in John's Killer Hunt,

The League of Legends story will no longer be frozen in time; It will no longer be static, time will begin to come out of the game. During the 2019 season, the goal is to strengthen the Legends League's multiverse, including investing time in writing and enriching the stories of alternative universes that have so far been just projects like Odyssey and KDA.

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