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Legislators urge Minsal to encourage swift HIV testing "Diarrhea and Radio Chile"

Senator RN, Francisco Chaugan, has tested HIV on Tuesday to encourage its use in a context in which infections in Chile have increased dramatically.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018 16:30 h.


A group of congressmen of national renewal led by Sen. Francisco Chaquan urged the Ministry of Health and the population to encourage the use of rapid AIDS tests after an alarming increase in the incidence of this disease in the Chilean population.

For Chaughan, this is a key issue given the growing infected people and the available alternatives that exist today to detect this disease and thus prevent it from spreading like a pandemic.

RN's representative relieved this problem, considering the large number of carriers who did not know that he suffered from this pathology.

"We have 50% of the population who has HIV that does not know it's infected, it's about black figures that are infecting a day, we're facing a real pandemic in our country, and that's why the call we want to make is responsibility and switch from discourse to action ".

Similarly, Chaouhan warned of the high number of people infected with HIV who are currently not receiving adequate treatment.

"We also have a very significant percentage of Chileans who have diagnosed HIV who do not receive treatment, and the call to attention we are doing is provoking this."

On the other hand, Deputy Erika Olivera added to Chaugan's request to facilitate the necessary measures to reduce the number of infections.

"We are in the call to the Ministry of Health to take this initiative and move it forward.We know that in Chile today, the increase in HIV is quite high and we believe that the younger population needs to know what it means to be HIV and not just HIV, but also other sexually transmitted diseases. "

Recall that UN Sid has warned of the significant increase in HIV cases in Chile, which is one of the largest increases in the world.

This situation led to the departure of Anna Maria San Martín's head of the HIV and AIDS ministry, although the government chose to deny that leaving the official relates to the figures provided by the multilateral entity.

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