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Hotel accommodationThe serious condition is a minor of 2 years and eight months, which was wrongly injected by one of the employees of Quilpuwe Hospital this Sunday

The boy arrived during the aforementioned journey with his parents at the hospital, who took him for a photograph of a stomach infection that affected him.

"My wife went to the Quilpué Hospital Emergency Service in consultation with the dialectical picture the child hadThey made the usual procedure for taking temperature and pressure and he was visited by a Pakistani doctor who gave an order to apply serum, "says Gustavo Zamudio's father, The star of Valparaiso.

Later, Zamudio explains, "My lady consults the medications that will be applied to my son and the nurse explains that this is a serum vial but made the mistake that the blister going to another patient injected it . He was a direct lidocaine in the vein, which created that the child began to wrinkle, stop, remain with fixed eyes, white eyes in a moment, and disappear. "

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The chaos then came to the hospital. "They did not know what to do, they stopped the urgency for about an hour and a half, they did not stop anyone and He had to leave the house to see the hospital director and chief nurse. Nobody knew what to do until the paramedic checked the trash and realized that there were two blisters: the serum that the lidocaine had placed. There they realized that this was the reason for seizure and unemployment, which lasted for about a minute, "the father said.

Now the little one is infected in Pediatric Critical Patient, Department of Clínica del Mar, where he gets the care and procedures to determine the consequences of the injection error.

From the hospital de Kulpue, in the meantime, he makes a statement complaining about what happened "Hospital management has determined the performance of the clinical audit to establish the appropriate administrative responsibilities."

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