Saturday , January 16 2021

LG HomeBrew prepares its own beer for home using capsules

LG expands your business and now helps you drink beer.

LG has just surprise everyone with the announcement that it will now expand its business; and will also be dedicated to the beer industry. With all its new device, LG HomeBrew,

As its name suggests, it's an innovative device; with which any alcoholic (with some money) You can prepare your own beer at home. Practically, it was like a good cup of coffee.

LG HomeBrew

According to the published information, this toy will be one of the star products presented at CES 2019; next January.

Interestingly, LG HomeBrew will actually work as a modern coffee maker. Because your power system will also be through capsules; which will have to be purchased separately.

These capsules contain malt, yeast, hops and flavorings. In turn, the machine is responsible for automating the whole process of fermentation, carbonation and aging.

Upon launching LG HomeBrew will come with Five flavors are available: American IPA, American pale alley, Englishman, Belgian Witbier and Pilsner.

Unfortunately, the company has not said anything about its price. But if the business model is the same as modern coffee machines; we can conclude that the machine will cost a little more than the capsules.

Though not so much.

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