Saturday , June 19 2021

Luciano Cruz-Coca tells of the daughter that changed her life

To promote tolerance for diversity, Evopolis launches the "Choose Include" campaign on Tuesday, an initiative that involves the use of shirts with phrases that promote this message.

For this they will do a pull on these shirts via the site, which will be valid until Friday, February 15th.

Within this campaign the MP Luciano Cruz-Koke talks about his daughter with Down syndrome and how his arrival changed his life.

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In an interview with The latest news, the head of the cabinet of the deputies of Evopoly said that "it was a surprise to us that Alicia was born with Down's syndrome, we found her at birth"One always hopes that things do not go beyond norms and when he is not, one feels a lot of fear for the unknown."

Alicia is three years old and is the fourth of her children. The deputy acknowledged that the support of his other children was essential to that "All prejudices that someone should not have",

From this "the family begins to become" Aliciocéntrica, "in the sense that everyone aspires to give him more opportunities for inclusion." In fact, with their wife have read everything published and published on the subject,

"Children with Down syndrome are very happy, loving and real," said the MP. The greatest difficulty is found in learning because it is slower you need to be more repetitive, illustrative and didactic so you can keep the information".

The advantage, on the other hand, is this "They are very disciplined and responsible: they like the routine and things have a certain order",

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Although not yet in school age, the deputy commented on this "I want all schools to have pedagogical teams ready to accept people with intellectual disabilities",

That is why he has already met with Education Minister Marcela Kubilos and the Ministry of Education is currently working on system for people with disabilities in schools with the pedagogical teams that can get them. "

Inspired by his daughter, the lawmaker presented the bill "Disability Rights of the Disabled", which had general support in the hall.

The initiative seeks to carry out a number of reforms of the Civil Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Civil Marriage Act, and the Voting and Control Act so that people with different abilities can regain their rights through an intermediary.

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