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Luis Gnecco counterattacks with "old culture …" by Patty Maldonado and Rachel Argandu Glomorama

Author: Cristián Farías Ravanal / 9 December 2018

"They seem to feel deeply identified … well, you are welcome!" The last sentence in Luis Gneco's public confrontation against Patti Maldonado and Raquel Argandua.

The 56-year-old actor resumed the battle against the morning panelists by publishing these words at Instagram, where he runs an account with more than 45,000 followers.

This sentence is a response to a press release that appeared today in the El Mercurio newspaper, which outlines the work plans of Maldonado and Arguedua.

Among his projects is to have a concert coffee in the second half of next year. This will be titled Viejas Culías, reflecting the adjective that Gnecco dedicated to Patty and Rachel a few days ago.

The main character of films such as "The Forest of Karadima" or "Nurada" catalogs the "old cusps" of Argonda and Maldonado, because Raquel made an ironic comment when he sent Amparo Noguera to Channel 13.

Months ago, Amaro was the main voice calling for Patti Maldonado's release from Mega after the disputes in which actor Alejandro Goi quickly left Mega's morning when the singer came in. Goik later explained that "he does not give me the soul" to be with people who defend the torture and disappearance of people during the Pinochet dictatorship.

Meanwhile, in April, the deputy Ignacio Urrutia described the victims as "bonus terrorists" during the retirement session of the voucher for victims of the dictatorship.

The punishment is later punished by the Ethics Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, who applies a monetary sanction to parliament.

However, Maldonado posted on Facebook: "You really have your pants and not like the rest of the bench that carry them just to cover … Come on, MP Urutia continues to fight, never forget that the valiant dies at their feet and the cowards die on their knees and weep.

This message was omitted and disclosed, which caused a wave of criticism of the singer, who this year received protests from different areas for her position against the dictatorship.

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