Friday , November 27 2020

Luis Miguel: The Details Rebecca de Alba Receives from the Mexican Star Shows | International exhibitions

It was a few days ago Luis Miguel he offered a concert in Mexico City. The presentation that "The Sun" was excited by his fans because they thought his show was not the best.

The TV host Rebecca de Alba He came into defense Luis Miguel, Alba indicated that she was at the concert and even the singer gave him a white rose.

"Well, I play a super show, I do not know, I think everyone plays or you do not see, but I have a super show …" he said. Rebecca Ala in the "first hand" program.

Rebecca de Alba he continued to praise the presentations he made Luis Miguel and said he was a loyal admirer. "Their performances are always improving," says the model.

"White rose, I do not know if it does it every night, but there were many white roses that went there and here, completely, while the fifth came and took my rose, this rose is there, it's special, it's a man whom a lot I love and admire, this is the only rose that cast me at a concert so I better keep it! " Rebecca from Alba

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