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Maersk launches the CLX service between Europe and Chile

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Maersk has announced changes to optimize its network from the west coast of Latin America and Northern Europe, including the launch of its new CLX service linking Chile, Peru, Panama and Colombia to northern Europe, and improvements in other services such as an extended range of Colombia.

together, Maersk and Hamburg Süd They will run their own network with full operational control from the west coast of Latin America and northern Europe.

This complements the ambition of Maersk, that the integration of the Maersk and Hamburg Süd, will provide customers with premium market coverage, attractive direct services, competitive transit times, high reliability and other benefits through a combined global network.

"Changes in the North American North American network of northern Europe and the launch of our new CLX service are part of our ongoing efforts to optimize our network and generate synergies from acquiring Hamburg Süd,

The new network will provide our customers with better connectivity, an independent direct link service from Chile (San Antonio and San Vicente) and Colombia (Santa Marta), access to a wide network of power ships and a host of options for trans-shipment from / to the west coast of Latin America and Europe through Panama, "he explains. Lars Nielsen, Maersk Regional Managing Director for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Since June 2019, Maersk It will optimize its services and ships operating from / to the west coast of Latin America and northern Europe to meet the needs of its customers and continue to maintain competitive costs.

The optimized network will provide greater connectivity, flexibility, especially for refrigerated loads, as well as reliability, improved transmission routes and better freight flows to further facilitate the growth of your business.

Maersk announced that changes in CLX service will provide direct coverage between Chile (San Antonio / San Vicente), Peru (Callao) and (Santa Marta / Cartagena) Colombia and Northern Europe – Germany (Hamburg), United Kingdom (London) (Rotterdam), Belgium (Antwerp). It will operate on larger L-type ships with 1400 auger on board, which are adapted to the needs of the route. The first exit north of the new service is scheduled for 10 June 2019 with Luna Maersk, which will leave San Antonio.

In addition, the Costa Rica Express service (CRX) will continue as today, providing direct coverage between Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico, Panama and northern Europe.

On the other hand, Ecubex, which connects Ecuador with northern Europe, will now land in Colombia (Santa Marta) and the United Kingdom (Portsmouth). In order to ensure that transit times remain optimal, it will stop calling in Balboa (Panama) and Rotterdam (the Netherlands) as these ports will be covered by other services.

Similarly, CLX and Ecubex will offer direct services from Santa Marta, Colombia to Northern Europe

On the other hand, the vast network of feeder vessels will connect most of the ports on the west coast of Latin America to the European ports, including numerous congestion opportunities in Balboa, Panama, through the regional network will offer a link to / from the west coast of Latin America and Europe

The Caribbean, Mexico and the United States will also be connected via the ports of Manzanillo (Panama) and Cartagena (Colombia).

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