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Male expert's tricks to have more orgasms

Surely if you've found a new training formula that's very effective, tell your friends. Or a new way the face of the payments of the house much more convenient. But when it comes to sex, men tend to talk very little about their bed problems or what they really think about their intimate relationships. We live in false myths of masculinity why one is always an incredible lover who satisfies the woman without stopping, offering him some pleasures that are difficult to describe in words. But reality is very different.

There are many male gender issues in terms of gender: from terrible erectile dysfunction, "triggers", premature ejaculation or lack of sexual appetite. In fact, If you have been with your partner for a long time, it is possible to get into the routine, in boredom, and that your sexual relationships stem from a kind of process that you have to go through, but you hardly enjoy. This is when your own and your partner come to real conflicts because your relationship is endangered possible suspicions of infidelity that they break the everyday life of your nights.

Spinach promotes the expansion of blood vessels, which increases blood flow to the genitals

Quiet. The Men & # 39; s Health & # 39; has reflected the best tricks to bring orgasms to a higher level, as you've never felt, from the hands of various sexologists with the support of research. Read carefully:

Eat better

Not only to improve your sex life, also for health. Undoubtedly, getting a form will have a better effect on sex, and for this it is important to have a healthy and balanced diet. First of all eat fruits and vegetables. Spinach, for example, helps to enlarge the blood vessels, which can increase blood flow to the genitals. Others, such as cabbage or cabbage, are sources of folic acid that will help the health of sperm. too eggsas they are rich in Group B vitamins that help relieve stress and make good libido that will make you have better orgasms.

Do Kegel exercises

As for women, it also serves men to increase their sexual pleasure. It is a contraction of the pelvic floor muscles, ie. those that provide greater control and intensity during intercourse. – Try to lift the penis up and down with your muscles or even try to write the alphabet with the tip of your penis, as he says Alex Robboy, a sexologist from Philadelphia. It seems difficult, but you do not waste anything to try, maybe you will get a surprise.

Hold everything you can

It can be quite difficult, but it is widely proven that delaying the arrival of orgasm when it will appear causes much more intense climax. A recent study in the Journal of Sex Research found this 90% of people who participated in it had a much stronger orgasm if it slowed down and stopped at the time it was supposed to be the end. It's an easy and fun way to try new things: once you're done, slow down, stop, and then start over again. Experts advise to do it two or three times.

Find your point G

The male equivalent of the female G-point is a hidden but essential organ: the prostate. It is good to apply pressure to the perineum, the part that is between the testicles and the anus, but if you like it a lot and you want to explore more, you can do it through an anal probe. The prostate is easily recognizable: it is such a smaller piece of chestnut size who feels super sensitive. Once you reach it, make some pressure and push it slightly.

Photo: iStock.
Photo: iStock.

Adjust the scrotum

Just before orgasm, the testicles rise and shrink to the body to give more energy to ejaculation. "If you carefully push the testicles, it is probably very exciting," he suggests Arlene Goldman, author of The Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy. "Ask your partner or partner to put pressure on the testicles with the palm of his hand, which will increase the excitement and intensity of orgasm."

Focus on the feeling

Sometimes you have to admit that you are in the middle of the subject when you suddenly come to mind and can not concentrate. Or you worry about something outside and you are not ready with what you have to be. To end this, The best thing to do is to reconnect the sensitivity of your body. Try to feel any friction and concentration. "You will feel your body responding differently to ordinary people," says Robboy.

This breathing …

It's usually given in tantric sex when you have to make every movement with one breath. It's about controlling it and reducing it a little while until it's in tune with every push. "When you are done, you will notice that your breathing starts to accelerate naturally," Goldman remembered. "Delaying it will slowly increase the amount of oxygen that reaches your body, leading to a greater blood flow to the genitals, achieving even more prominence."

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