Friday , May 7 2021

Manouche communities announce a month of demonstrations and dialogue with the government national

on Local communities have established a possible dialogue with the government if he does not retreat from the area to the so-called "jungle command", and Interior Minister Andres Chadwick and the General Director of Karabeberos Hermes Soto do not step down from office.

In addition, they warned of protest action for the murder of Camilo Katarlanca and announced a huge gathering of local leaders in Ercillah.

Above, in a series of statements delivered to Radio Bio Bio in the interior of Temucuicui, on the same property where Camilo Catrillanca Marín built the house she would use with her pregnant partners and her young daughter.

There was a meeting with the Mapuche leaders, involving men and women of different ages, including recognized leaders not only from La Araucania, but also from the Bio Bio and Los Lagos regions.

That was it Marcello Katrilanca, father of the deceased communer, who announced the agreements reached with nearly 100 people attending this activity.

The spokesman for the autonomous community of Temucuicui, Jorge Huenchulan, have explained that they have declared themselves as "rebels", so they will step up the protests for what happened to Camilo Katarlaka in a month, in addition to the demands of the people of Mapuci.

Added to this is the announcement of a new meeting of native leaders and their affiliated organizations for the following Saturday, December 1, also in Temucyue, where they expect to receive representatives from all over Chile to identify the goals of the political strategy of the Mapus.


Check out Marcelo Catrillanca's statements below:

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