Saturday , December 5 2020

Manuen communities announced a month of demonstrations: asking for the resignation of Chadwick and Hermes Soto

Local communities in La Araucanía, Biobío and Los Lagos have declared a month of demonstrations in rebellion and have made possible dialogues with the government after the death of Camilo Castrilanca.

As he pointed out Radio Bío Bío, the Manuhe leaders are coming from a meeting in London's Temucuicui, the same place where Camilo Katarlanca builds the house she will use with her pregnant partners and her young daughter.

They ask both authorities to resign

After the meeting, the leaders announced that there would be no dialogue with the government while the "jungle command" was maintained in Araujan, and Interior Minister Andres Chadwick and Carnebneros General Director Hermes Soto did not leave their cabinet. ,

"Today, the conditions for dialogue do not exist, as long as the government continues to maintain its repressive policy, they must withdraw and freeze the" command of the jungle "and end the Wallmap militarization," said Marcello Katrilanca, the father of the late Mapuche leader.

Demonstration month

On the other hand, members of the Temucuicui community, Jorge Huenchulan, explained to the media the reasons for the demonstrations to be held over a month and said that "mobilizations should continue in rejecting the murder of Camilo Castrillanca."

"We declare a month of rebellion in which our voices are heard, so that the state respects Mapus and recognizes us as a nation with political and territorial rights," Hünchulan added.

In addition, a new meeting of local leaders from different regions of the country was announced, to be held in the municipality of Erchila.

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