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Marcello Trobbini: "Boca has a goal, I see the river with the best game | Football | Sports

Marcello Trobibi (63-year-old) would like to have the age that allows him to play the final "that the team that is a" eternal fan "- Boca Juniors, will play this Saturday against the River Plate for Copa Libertadores 2018. You can not you want less: in the xenished club – his "passion" – where a talented former player debuted in professionalism in 1973, and then achieved his first two national titles in 1976 and 1981, year, Diego Armando Maradona. Barcelona, ​​with whom he played the Cup final in 1990, and world champion in Mexico since 1986, in a dialogue with Diario El Universe that the team that will pick up the continental trophy against their eternal rival will be in history and whoever loses will remain labeled as "the loss of this finale will never disappear," but "must we are moving forward ".

What consequences can the result of this final result for both clubs?
Winning the Libertadorres final against your eternal rival implies a lot. Capable that there are no more extremes like these; or capable of, but in twenty or thirty years. Whoever wins will be in history and the other will be marked by those charged with all the things that happen with us football (by fans). But that's all. After the end of life, life continues. It's football. It is taken with a lot of passion, but there is a limitation. He who loses will hurt; but then you must continue. Whoever wins will fall in history as a champion. Whoever loses will have very bad days; who won, will have a good life because he won the race "superclassic". The loss of the finish will never disappear, but you must continue. This is a sports finale and you have to accept it as such.

Did you suppose a bowl definition would be given between Boca and the river?
Previously, it was not given because the Libertadores format did not allow two clubs from the same country to pass the final (in the 2005 edition this happened for the first time among the Brazilian players Sao Paulo, who was champion and Atlético Paranaense) They could reach the semi-finals and kill themselves. One was progressing. The last time I did not imagine. Unprecedented and able to not see this final for many years. It is very difficult to reach the Libertadores final, to be transformed. Boca may arrive, River may arrive, maybe no one; But gathering this way is unprecedented. However, for me this is Copa Libertadores's last game. I do not set a verse that it's a world final because they want to sell it. This is an unprecedented match and we will see everything.

Do you want to play it?
Of course! Yes, of course. I would like to be as old as I should play in such a final. It is not
another finale because it's classic and classics are not just another game. Play this game against your classic rival
This is impressive.

What is the feeling of a Boca player who faces a game against the River?
It's a huge responsibility to play here in Barcelona. Boca is a monster. Or go first or go out last, they say. – It's seconds chickens, those from the river, "they told me, it's hard, and your pressure is eaten, and if you do not have enough character
to avoid it when you see that 50,000 people yell at you (the capacity of La Bombonera), that's tough. Not everyone puts Boca's shirt on and triumphs. Several have passed and many have failed even though they are very good players. This is also happening in Barcelona. It is difficult to play on these teams, unlike the others. The pressure is huge, so maybe the good players do not meet the expectations. Boca has the pressure to win, win, win, win … If you win? come back
to win. No error limit.

What's going on in the head of a Boca player before a super classic?
From classics like this, she spoke a whole past week and then talks for another ten days. The previous match was over and we thought about the classics. It is unique to play Boca River in the world, more passionate than Barcelona-Madrid. We expected to win, but we were training as always, trying to be calm. At this time
of classics, we played with a lot of personality. As the previous game ends, think only
in winning the classics. We all expected the day of the game.

What would you advise football players to generate?
That this game must face all games. From an amateur I wanted to play well and win every game. This is the final that must be faced by any other party, but it has different characteristics. One is prepared with extra equipment. Technicians and people do not motivate you; motivation comes alone.

How much does a story weigh in a duel like this?
I played many classics in Argentina, Colombia (with Millonarios), Ecuador, Chile (with Cobreloa) and Spain (with Elche). No favorites. When a person arrives well, the other wins; This is a separate and special game for this reason. History and background are not considered to be a classic. Whoever predicts is because he never played a classic or what
has seen. History and background are not counted.

How do you see the performance of the two movies now?
If you give me a choice, I think the river has a better game indoors, in the middle, it plays the ball better; but Boca has more goals than players such as Dario Benedetto, Carlos Tevez, (Ramon) Wanchop Abila. This is equal. But I think the river has little advantage because it looks better in the middle. Boca is more about individuality.

How important is that both coaches (Marcello Galardo and Guillermo Barros) have been referents as players in the same clubs that are now running?
They are good technicians. Galardo is very tactical, more strategist, knows how to change the position of the players. Guillermo has a fixed idea and thus won the Argentine Championships (2017, 2018). But now they are weighing things beyond tactics:
heart, pride, surrender. They are idols of both teams, and this makes fans much support.

What do you think of swamping visitors into these cup finals?
I do not like it at all. The football party must be a party with fans from both sides. It has always been so, I've always played it this way. The classics were with Boca fans and a river in La Bombonera and Monumental. For the social problems that are being played in this way, but it is normal that the classics are played with both swollen and people who can see them. The football folklore is that you are loading the opponent (fan) and if you lose, you have to settle for it; If you win, you can load it and it is there. But they have taken this thing to heart and this has happened badly throughout South America. It has not been cut off. It gives me a bitter taste. Hostility is football; That should be a party. Football is a joy that must be shared. But violence prevailed in South America and came to football.

What superclásico, from those who have played, do you remember more?
What I remember most is the first one I played in 1974. We played in the Boca court I had bought from number 9 from Chacarita Juniors (Carlos) García Cambón. We won 5-2 in La Bombonera and García Cambón scored four goals (also on his debut) in the classic (Ubaldo) Fillol. (D)

I became nervous before starting the game (superclisic), but once in the yard I forgot everything and just wanted to win. My whole focus was to win (against the river)
Marcello Trobbini, the Boca Juniors equalizers

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