Tuesday , June 15 2021

Marriage without meat? The unique vegan menu that will be at the wedding of Eliana Albacete and Federico Koch

Exalta 7 Eliana Albasetti is a vegetarian for 6 years and since then her passion for animals has changed her perception of life so she decided to take another step forward and is now vegan. The actress farewell to milk, eggs, curtains, and leather shoes.

But a problem arose: he would marry Federico Koch on February 24th and therefore offers his guests a completely vegan menu, although the man did not agree with the idea.

In the marriage of the couple there will be no meat or products of animal origin to which Koch reacts with some discomfort.

So what are they going to eat?

Recipes have been altered and adapted to the Vegan world; Cow's milk was replaced with almond milk. Sushi will not have either salmon or shrimp, and corn has neither meat nor eggs.

Also, the cistern will not accept fish, and the humus will have an important place for dinner.

Will guests be pleased with this unique menu?

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