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After confirming two new cases of imported measles In the country, a situation that raises concerns among the population and authorities on arrival, as the number of people affected has reached nine, authorities have called for precautions and information to prevent new infections.

Who should be vaccinated?

The Minister claims that, in order to prevent this disease,These people, born between 1971 and 1981, traveling in risk areas should be vaccinated (check these areas in the attached image), and you have no history of having completed the disease, or you have received two doses of vaccine after 12 months of age.

They should also be given to infants from six to 11 months of age for 29 days traveling in risk areas; and children aged between one and six years who have a dose that travels in risky areas.

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Vaccines should be requested by medical order or passage, and to know international vaccine vaccines, you must log onto the institution's website or call Fono Salud Responde 600 360 77 77.

These are the risk areas:

Who should be vaccinated against measles?


Although measles is a disease eradicated in Chile since 1992, the Ministry of Health (Minsal) has recalled the symptoms of this disease transmitted through contact after cases have been reported.

Among the clinical manifestations of the infection are high fever, cough, runny nose, conjunctivitis and maculo papulosus exanthema. known wheals of the skin that last between four and seven days.

Measles also have medical complications such as otitis media, laryngotracheniitis, pneumonia, diarrhea; and very rarely encephalitis.

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