Saturday , January 23 2021

Matthias Firpo, Chief Aggressor of Boca Bus: "I could not control" sports

After spending 48 hours in prison and released this Thursday, Matthias FirpoThe primary responsibility is directed towards the supporters of the River Plate from stoning to the Boca Juniors bus, talk to the media.

Before the TN cameras he said he regrets what happened. "I had gone with friends, family, it was a moment I could not control an impulse I regret, I know I'm wrong, I do not do that, and it hurts that I've been through it"he said.

To this end he added: "These were a few mistakes of all, of the operative, of every human being who is wrong as I am".

Finally, Firpo developed the incidents that occurred on 24 November. "I always go to Quinteros, the police crossed the street, and many people gather there because they did not let them pass. We never thought they would make the microphone walk because there were a lot of people and when the bus came it was a mess, the policemen were pushing the people and they gave you what they saw – it closed.

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