Saturday , June 12 2021

McDonald's lost the Big Mac battle

Last January, when EUIPO ruled in favor of Supermac, a fast-food chain based in Ireland that claimed the use of the Big Mac brand.

Created in 1967, Big Mac is McDonald's most famous hamburger, partly because of the simplicity of his formula – "Two Meats, a Special Sauce, Lettuce, Pickles, Onions, Cheese and Bread" and partly – because for years has been a symbol of the progress of capitalism,

So much that The Economist created the Big Mac, a rock that serves to measure the quality of life of almost all cities in the world at the cost of this hamburger and is still used today as a reliable economic reference.

But the relationship between Big Mac and McDonald's may be permanently damaged since last January, when the European Union's IPO (EU IPO) failed in favor of Supermac, a fast-food chain based in Ireland that claims to use the Big Mac brandAfter a long legal battle, the American giant could not prove the "real use" of this denomination. Accustomed to copying their formula and fighting for what they think of their own, the hamburger chain has already announced that it will appeal this decision, but at the moment the Big Mac brand no longer belongs to it.

"This is a failure that not only affects the image of the company, but also It also affects everyone who is accustomed to familiar users with a certain attachment to the brand They can no longer use it, at least officially, "explains Almudena Clementte, head of Superunion consulting company strategy. But as well as everything else, this solution has a positive side:" When you have a strong brand with clear meanings and a recognized name Be part of a better starting point if you decide to change or develop it. The task of finding an alternative name that is rapidly absorbed by the market is simpler than if the circumstances were different. "

This is perhaps one of the few battles that McDonald's has lost throughout his story.

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